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Maria Elisa Galeazzo, born in 1989, is an architect, blogger and crafter. After achieving a master degree in Architecture at Politecnico of Milan, she worked in graphic design and communication field and started developing her passion for manual works, as sewing and crocheting.

In 2015 she started her own blog, Needles and Skeins, where she creates and share easy and modern crochet patterns, small sewing projects, free downloadable graphics and wallpapers, easy DIYs and, occasionally, design and home decor ideas.

Maria Elisa loves melting her minimal style with Kawaii culture (a japanese adjective that means “cute” or “adorable”), but also creating geometric and bright colored patterns, worked with Tapestry Crochet technique.

She collaborates with companies and magazines focused on creative sewing. On occasion she writes as guest blogger for BettaKnit’s blog, where she has posted some free patterns and runs a column on crochet lessons.