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Diy Kits, Yarns, Knitwear
Handmade in Italy

We love unique pieces, high quality, special things. We believe in a sustainable, traceable fashion, produced by hand with care and passion. We like to customize the product and we say no to mass production. We promote young designers and crafters, sharing with them the love for Limited Editions. Yarn, diy knit and crochet kits, handmade knitwear, accessories, Home Décor, gift ideas, Limited Editions for brands and stores, knitting and crocheting workshops.


Join one of our workshops and become a Superknitter or host your own workshop and become a BettaKnit Angel!

Our workshops are for beginners and advanced knitters and crocheters. A way to learn or to create a new project together.
Check out our calendar and join us!
We are looking for knitters, crocheters, crafters together to host workshops all over the world! What are you waiting for?


BettaKnit yarns one step away from home!

If you want to squeeze, touch, caress our balls and see the beautiful colors, find a store near you!
Would you like to stock BettaKnit products in your store? Contact Us!