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DO-KNIT is a knitwear brand focused on knitting as externalization of a
concept of uniqueness of fashion, with a well-defined style and a distinctive choice of
The design research is the stimulus that makes the brand very interesting and
outside of the box: "Knitting" becomes creative liberation.
Do-Knit micro capsules collections of either for Baby (0-3 years) and for adults.
Do-knit was born from the intuition of three designers passionate of knitting and crafts, which wanted to turn it into their work, their life.
Do-knit is a style, a line is minimalism but also exaggeration, it is a code, a color, a feeling, it means touch a fabric or a yarn and immediately fall in love with them; It is the "gut istinct", heart and head.
It is passion, dedication and creativity.
The Concept Laboratory Store in Via Canonica, Milan (Italy) is born from the need to have a space where all of these things can happen, you can:
Knitting / buy yarns / buy clothes designed and manufactured by us either for
adult and children or buy only the patterns for do it yourself / get the last
knitting accessory of the season / attend courses to learn how to knit or
improve / you can meet friends and have a drink chatting if it is better
angora or mohair.
For those who still did not become a Knitting addicted by us will become!
Do-Knit team - Lorenza Branzi, Cecilia Dosi and Anna Serena Vitale