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Sara Bellinato, born in 1980, is a creative from a young age, she began art studies and graduated in Graphic Design and Photography in 2000. Afterwards she earned a degree in Artistic Disciplines at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna.

Several national exhibitions of her works where the embroidery technique, revisited in abstract and minimalist key, had the central role: at the Center Contemporary Art of Villa Manin (UD) in 2008 (to name one).

Sara increasingly focuses her interest in fashion, accessories and the traditionally considered women's work such as knitting, embroidery and crocheting.

After two years of apprenticeship in dressmaking, in 2010 she began working as a designer and craftsman, working with different realities including "Verde Oliva", "alt_design", "L.A.A. collanenevrosi" and "Mara Pavatich". In 2013 he moved to London where she launched his brand Nodo.