Colour Analysis studies how colors interact with each other, and how they combine in harmony with the color and tone of a person’s skin, hair, and eyes, making them look more beautiful, healthier, and younger.

Identifying your palette through Color Analysis is essential in choosing clothes, accessories, and make-up to create a fantastic sense of harmony and beauty.

That’s why even when choosing yarns, it’s so important to know which kind of colors harmonize with you, even Wikipedia says it 😉!

Inside the product sheet of our skeins of wool or cotton, you will find the division of colors according to Color Analysis: choosing the perfect color for your knit or crochet project will be even easier!

Color Analysis: how to choose the yarns that enhance you?

Choosing colors in harmony with the season will help us to enhance our natural colors: our complexion and our eyes will be enhanced and highlighted to the maximum. Even Maria Michela Mattei, an image consultant, fashion teacher, and communication and journalist recommends it.

In Color Analysis, colors are divided into 4 palettes, corresponding to the 4 seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter.

Color Analysis: the 4 seasons and the yarn palettes

Spring: Light, Warm and Brilliant Colors.

Those who belong to this season have a golden and radiant skin tone, light and luminous eyes, and hair that varies from brown to red and golden blonde.

Summer: Cold, Light, and Delicate Colors.

You are a summer if you have a cool, light skin tone. Eyes are light blue, light green, or hazel grey. Natural hair color varies from ash brown up to different shades of blond.

Autumn: Warm, Deep and Soft Colors.

It includes people with a golden or amber complexion, hazel or dark green eyes, and hair shades from natural dark red to brown or golden blond.

Winter: Cold, Deep, and Brilliant Colors.

Here we find people with cold complexions (dark, olive, or very light), dark and deep eyes, and hair ranging from raven black to ash brown.

Choosing the perfect color for your balls of yarn couldn’t be easier with the new color analysis charts!

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