Summer Yarn Guide: Raffia

Wondering what the best yarns are for summer projects? As knitters and crocheters, we often get in the habit of making things for fall or winter only. There are many pretty yarns for summer to work with and they can give great satisfaction both knitted and crocheted! Natural Raffia is one of them!


Raffia: a yarn suitable for summer

Raffia (also commonly called rafia) is just one of those yarns suitable to work with in the summer season.

It has been designed to be crocheted and to create projects such as crochet bags, hats, and home decor accessories such as baskets and placemats. The result will be amazing!

Natural Raffia: a sustainable alternative to synthetic raffia

Raffia by Bettaknit is completely natural.
Always attentive to the quality and sustainability of our products, after much research and study, we have selected the best Raffia ever.

It is a vegan yarn: it is 100% paper, i.e. wood cellulose, and compared to synthetic raffia, which you can easily find on the market, shiny and of poor quality, our raffia is of the highest quality. It is long-lasting, resistant, biodegradable, and can be recycled!

It is very light, water-repellent, and dries fast in the event of a splash. But be careful: we recommend not putting it in contact with wet objects for a long time (such as a wet swimsuit, or a damp beach towel), as color loss may occur.


Raffia for summer: technical information, weight, length, and which hook to use

  • Suggested crochet hook: 4 or 5 mm (G6 or H8 US)

Working it in double strands with larger hooks, you get a more “grunge” and natural look.

  • Ball weight: 100 gr
  • Yarn length: 250 m / 273 yd
  • Composition: 100% Paper
  • Colors: 16 colors available

The colors of Raffia are lively, and by combining them together you get surprising contrasts!

Raffia for summer: what can you make?

This yarn is very suitable for crocheting. It works well with simple stitches such as single crochet, double crochet, or even some lightly structured stitches, such as the Cross Over Stitch, one of the most used stitches to make fantastic crochet bags.
Raffia Bettaknit has a matt, opaque appearance and is very soft to the touch. Its excellent workability makes it the most suitable summer yarn for making super glamorous crochet accessories.
Finally, you too will be able to make the raffia accessories seen on the fashion catwalks, without hurting your hands: pretty clutches, beach bags, or cute bucket hats and colorful belts!


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