SOYA YARN: the Fashion Revolution starts here!

The Fashion Revolution week is starting and we are ready with a surprise: a new yarn to knit or crochet in a sustainable way: Soy Cotton (you shop it here)!


soy cotton

Soy Cotton is 50% soybean fiber and 50% organic cotton, and fully enters the group of eco-friendly yarns of Bettaknit!

After Love My Jeans – recycled denim cotton – Prato Cotton – cotton obtained from the re-use of waste from previous textile productions – and the beloved Juta – 100% jute – Soy Cotton is joining BettaKnit collection.

A dietary fiber yarn!

Did you ever think you could create a knitted or crochet project with a dietary fiber? Well yes, with Soy Cotton it is possible!

In fact, soybean fiber is a by-product of soybean processing for the food industry.

Soybean (a leguminous plant) is mainly used for food purposes (oil, flour, seeds). From the residues of food processing (peels and pods, containing globular proteins), proteins are extracted in the form of liquid, and subsequently the fibers.

The latter, through a transformation process, first gives life to a yarn (spinning process) and then to the fabric (weaving process).


Knitting and crocheting with Soy

Soy fiber yarns (and so do fabrics) are extremely soft and shiny, pleasant to the touch and in contact with the skin, so much so that they are sometimes described as ‘vegetable cashmere‘.

It is in fact a shiny and soft fiber, very breathable, absorbent, comfortable, and antibacterial: it fights the growth of bacteria and prevents odors!

But it is also permeable to air and able to block UV radiation.

In short, it is a precious fiber that can be further enriched by combining it with other natural fibers such as cotton (as in our Soy Cotton) or wool, linen or silk.

Experts consider Soybean Fiber to be the healthiest and most comfortable textile fiber of the new century.

Soy Cotton is sustainable fashion!

Like every year, in this period the world celebrates the Fashion Revolution week: the week dedicated to ethical and sustainable fashion.

We at Bettaknit have always been committed to this front with respect for work, respect for man, respect for the environment, committing to choosing more and more Made in Italy products, which are a guarantee of the principles we believe in and above all of quality and of style!

And Soy Cotton could not fail to be the protagonist of this week!

It’s 100% vegan, 100% biodegradable, 100% recyclable, 100% made in Italy


Few people know that soy is a renewable plant. For its cultivation, it requires few pesticides and at the same time, it helps to fix nitrogen in the soil. It thus constitutes a valid type of crop rotation.

Everything in soy is recycled and recovered. If thrown into waste, a fabric or a soy fiber yarn is completely biodegradable. Instead, yarns derived from petroleum, from plastic (although recycled), such as polyester, take as long as 900 years to degrade!

The characteristics of Soy Cotton

Soy Cotton is super soft, shiny, with beautiful bright colors.

It is packed in 50 gr ball for yardage of 145 mt/159 yd. The composition is 50% soybean fiber and 50% organic cotton.

It is suitable for both knitting, using 3 mm (2.5 US) needles and for crochet, and you can choose from 15 beautiful colors!

Also perfect for children’s projects due to its lightness and its characteristics of breathability and softness.

You just have to try it, shop here Soy Cotton!


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