Organic Wool in Pantone colors

We were really impatient. We wanted to show you the new colors of our beautiful organic yarn: Biologica . Now that them all are on store, we can tell you something about.

Biologica: Fall Winter shades

According to the gurus of Pantone, the autumn / winter 2015 will be unisex, in the spirit of nature and of 60’s-70’s years. We, as we have seen the 10 colors, we fell in love.

With dreamy eyes, we immediately updated the colour range of the product that best marries this philosophy: our Biologica, the organic wool.

Organic Wool in Pantone fall 2015 colors

The colors presented earlier this year by Pantone are a warm and reassuring embrace. The cards of each color, through the words of the Executive Director Leatrice Eiseman, transmit calm, confidence, desire to start.

And what better way to start than to envelop us in muted hues of nature? If we add the panache of the 60’s-70’s years, the recipe is ready to be knitted.

Not only Pantone Marsala

Undisputed king is certainly the Marsala. Crowned color of the year, for months has dominated the newsfeed of main social networks. A shade between brown and red is capable, according to the masters of the color of New Jersey  “to add finesse and savoir faire”. We can not but agree.

But that is not the only color of Pantone’s Fall/Winter 2015 palette that you can find on our store.

Pantone Biscay Bay, a trip between blue and green

On our store you find it as Biologica Pavone. A fresh and elegant color, capable of summing up the calm transmitted by blue and the invigorating power of the green. A color in which we’d like to dive in and swim. Yes, definitely: a drink, beach chairs and facing an expanse of tropical sea Biscay Bay. It seems to be there just staring at the ball. Seeing is believing!

Pantone Dried Herb, the green scent of nature

A shade of green between moss and olive. Banned the military and safari uniforms,  in Fall/Winter 2015 this tone of green will be synonymous with “chic” and “sophisticated”. A color that propels us in a bucolic world where you can feel the warm embrace of a friendly nature. A free trip: just close your eyes in front of a ball of Biologica Moss Green!

Pantone Oak Buff, yellow that gives a good feeling

In our store you can find it under the name of Biologica Mustard. A yellow between mustard and golden, full and “pasty”. An embracing, friendly color capable of warming as a ray of sunshine after a rainy day. That’s how the guru of Pantone describe it, a poetic characterization able to fully capture the essence of this beautiful shade of yellow.

Pantone Amethyst Orchid, the jewel of the Fall/Winter 2015

An intriguing violet. According to Leatrice Eiseman is the jewel in the crown of the palette of autumn / winter 2015. A vibrant color, able to recall exotic worlds and distant.

Pantone Cadmium Orange, fun throwback to the 60’s

It is bold, no doubt about the Rust of our Biologica wool. It creates a nice contrast to the rest of the palette. In his company you are catapulted into a world of optimism and fun. Try it with the purple: a must for all the runways!

All about our Biologica yarn

Our organic wool, Biologica, is a high quality yarn composed of 70% wool coming from certified organic Italian farms and 30% pure alpaca from the Andes.

Extremely light and ultra-soft, you can find it in many colors that are suitable to be matched together. If you are curious about Pantone colors, know that it is only the beginning! On the store you can find lots of other colors!

We recommend needle size of 7-8 mm (10 3/4-11 US) or, if you prefer a more “relaxed” effect, a bigger size.

If you need more information about this product or other, please leave a comment below or contact us, we will be happy to help you!