Eco Yarns? Here they are!

Sustainability has become necessary. Also in knitting. On our store you can find two eco yarns: Love my jeans and Prato cotton.

What does it mean eco yarns?

Nowadays, we often hear terms such as “ecology”, “green”, “environmentally friendly” or “eco friendly”. There are “sustainable fashion”, “eco friendly homes”, “eco architecture” “eco tourism” and so on. The word “ecological” and all its variants are often used because it’s fashionable. But how to understand when there’s a true environmentalist philosophy? 

We can answer about what we know better: the yarns, or better, our eco-yarns.

You can talk about “eco friendly” when the yarn has a minimal environmental impact throughout its life cycle. So:

  • it’s produced through recycling processes, polluting very little and consuming little energy; 
  • it’s spun with the lowest amount of toxic or polluting chemical substances;
  • it’s designed to be easily recycled.

If these prerequisites are lacking, it is not an ecological yarn.

If you read our blog, you know how these aspects are important for us. If you are new you have to know that our products must have, absolutely, three characteristics:

  • Respect for Nature
  • Respect for people who produce it and will receive it
  • Respect for the animals from which may come

How Love my Jeans and Prato Cotton yarns are environmentally friendly?

Old recycled jeans become yarn: the story of Love my jeans

70’s flared jeans, 80’s high waist jeans, jackets, overalls, along with the stories of those who have worn them, make up 80% of our Love my jeans. The remaining 20% is cotton fibers regenerated. This gives the product a unique melange color. That’s a good start but it’s not still enough ecological.

The fibers are not dyed, but mantain the original color. This is a great benefit for Nature, if you think that to dye 1 kg of yarn it takes 100 liters of water and 9 kw of electricity.

If you want to know more about it, we wrote a blogpost regarding this recycled yarn. You can find there more detailed infos on how it’s produced, how you can work it and some ideas on projects that you can realize.

A D.O.C recycled yarn: Prato Cotton

Prato Cotton is the second 100% recycled cotton yarn you can find on Bettaknit store. It’s obtained from cotton wastes and from them the whole process arise. But to be Prato Cotton, the cotton waste must be 100% cotton. 

As the name suggests, it’s a product made in Prato. A city that has built an economy on recycling and reuse! 100 years of tradition are a guarantee of quality!

With Prato Cotton, you will have a 100% recycled cotton yarn coming from a place that knows a lot about recycling and… you can find it in 14 different colour shade! Think about the endless possibilities for your ptojects!

If, as for Love my Jeans, you want have more info on this product we suggest you to read this blogpost. Otherwise, if you are interested in the colors, have a look at our store.

When eco yarns are also vegan

Both Love my Jeans and Prato Cotton are vegan yarns. The fibers that compose them are 100% cotton and there are no animal fibers. Two great yarns for those who love Nature and…animals! Now there is no excuse: find out them on our store and knit on!

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