Cool Wool: the Super Bulky Star!

The Peruvian Wool, Cool Wool is a best seller of our store. It makes us so happy that people liked it so much. In all honesty, we understand why: 100% fine Peruvian wool, a “super bulky”, warm and soft yarn in many colours. But it’s not only this that make it so desireable.

Our knitters tell us that it also gives huge satisfactions when working it. We asked them why and they answered that being a very large yarn, it’s easy to work and it allows you to see immediately the results of your creation. It’s true: in 60 minutes you will have a new hat!

What is the story behind this star of yarns?

What is Cool Wool?

Behind Cool Wool, its fine wool, its softness and its colors there is a long journey of love and passion for a product that starts from a family in South America to get to our store in italy.

Bettaknit's Cool Wool


Wool, love and Peru

You know, our love for Peru is clear. We often write about it: from our support for the Andean communities to Pima Cotton, one of our precious cotton yarn. We like their tradition in farming, spinning and processing. We love the passion they put into it. Just like us.

Cool Wool also speaks spanish. The happy sheep that give life to this yarn roam undisturbed on the Andean highlands. They are grown from a small family farm that has an ancient breeding heritage. 

For these men and women, breeding is a serious thing and they use all the care and love to grow their sheep and alpacas. This attention is able to make the animals’ fleece a valuable raw material for a yarn of the highest quality.

So, pure air, a lot of attention and the company of furry friends from the neck over-along. But there is more that makes Cool Wool a precious yarn.


No to mulesing and child labour

We have told you so many times but for us it’s an essential daily task: it’s important to us that our products have been made with respect for nature, people and animals.

When we introduced our Lambswool, we mentioned about mulesing. As we said before, we won’t go into the details of this barbaric practice. But we can certainly tell you that has not been applied to the animals from which our Cool Wool comes from.

Not just that.

The amazing colours of Cool Wool are originated from an environtally certified dyeing process environmentally certified. Finally, last but not least: child labour is never used in our manufacturing processes. Peru has a very strict legislation about this regard.

What can I do with Cool Wool?

Cool Wool è is easy to knit and it has so many colors to choose from (as many as 19… forn now!). It has all the characteristics to adapt to your projects, if they are Super Bulky! So, green light: hats, scarves, headbands, warm necks, caps, sweaters, slippers… The real limit is only your imagination!

If you want to get an idea, you can have a look at:

Well, we stop here, you probably get an idea. Cool Wool is perfect because it’s easy to work even if you are not super experienced and you just started to knit.

How to wash Cool Wool and other useful info

A ball of yarn weights 200 gr and it is 80 m long (87 yd). Given to the size of the yarn, we recommend to work it with the 10-15 mm knitting needles.

As you will understand, Cool Wool is a fine yarn. So, if you want your products last, you must be careful in how you wash them. Just follow these steps:

  • Turn your item upside down before washing it
  • Hand wash it in warm water and mild soap. Remember: don’t rub it! 
  • Once washed don’t twist the garment, but wrap it in a towel to absorb the water in excess 
  • Line dry it horizontally away from direct sun rays

By following these steps you will be sure to that your item will be as good as just knitted!

Where can I find Cool Wool?

You can find Cool Wool  on our store in the section “Yarn and Needles”. You can choose from 19 different colors: Tv Melange, Grey, Bloody Red, Green, Deep Blue, Tiffany, Big Babol, Midnight Blue, Mauve, Honey, Pink, Mint, Beige, Cobalt, Red, Milk, Pop Fuchsia and Black.

Bettaknit's Cool Wool colors

As always, if you have doubts and you want to get more infos about this yarn you can write us: