Cashmere and Silk: the Definition of Cozyness

Let’s celebrate wool season with some exciting news: BettaKnit’s Cuddle Cashmere is here and we cannot wait for you to try it! ☁️

Can you think of those soft and warm sweaters you wish you could literally wear day to night? Well, this might just be the level of cozyness you are thinking of 😄

Cuddle Cashmere

Love at first touch

Looking for new yarns and fibers for the upcoming wool season has been a super exciting journey this year. After seeing, but most importantly touching, Cuddle Cashmere yarn balls for the first time, our reaction was a massive jaw-drop. Though we perfectly know cashmere has almost no equal in softness, we will probably never get used to the cozyness this yarn gives.

This yarn owes its unbelievable softness to the perfect mix of noble and precious fibers it is made of: 70% Merino wool 16 micron (ultra-fine), 10% cashmere and 20% silk.

“Micron” is the unit which measures a fiber’s gauge (which is the diameter of each single fiber). The so called “ordinary” wool yarns (the most common ones) are made of wool fibers that measure between 20 and 30 microns. Cuddle Cashmere’s Merino wool fibers are extremely thinner and therefore more valuable.

We’ve become so familiar with cashmere through all the years we’ve been using our Cashmere and Sugar Cashmere yarns, with its insulating power 10 times that of wool while being super lightweight.

Last but not least, silk is the fiber that makes this yarn so delicate and velvety, matching cashmere’s smoothness just perfectly.

Cuddle Cashmere

We really tried our best to describe what touching Cuddle Cashmere feels like (and hopefully we somehow succeeded!) 😁 Let’s see how this yarn is made and all the technical information.

How Cuddle Cashmere is made

Although it is a pretty fine yarn, Cuddle Cashmere is actually very airy and vaporous. Looking closely, you can easily identify coloured fibers (wool and cashmere fibers) and non-coloured fibers (silk).

The “fluffy” effect is due to the mechanical action of tiny little brushes during the “teaseling” process. After the fibers have been spun into yarn, teasel machines stroke the yarn with little hooks that lift the single fibers, making it look much more nebulous and feel softer to the touch.

Cuddle Cashmere

Technical information: weight, length, needle size

  • Recommended needle size: 4 mm / 6 US
  • Recommended hook size: 3 – 4 mm / D2.5 – G6 US
  • Unit weight: 25 gr
  • Yardage: 120 m / 131 yd
  • Composition: 70% Merino Wool, 20% Silk, 10% Cashmere

Cuddle Cashmere is available in 14 colors, from dusty and romantic shades to darker ones: these colors will make you realize how excited you are for your next fall and winter projects!

Cuddle Cashmere

How to wash your Cuddle Cashmere garments

BettaKnit’s cashmere yarns are delicate, high quality yarns. So, if you want your clothes to stay in good conditions for as long as possible, you need to treat it with care. Especially during washing!

Our recommendations are always the same, and they’re quite easy to follow:

  1. Wash your garment by hand in warm water (30°C) with a specific, mild soap for wool. Make sure the garment doesn’t soak in water for too long, or the fibers will be damaged!
  2. Rinse thoroughly until water runs clear
  3. Dry the garment wrapping it in a towel, so that the excess water is absorbed
  4. Lay the garment horizontally otherwise it will irreparably deform

If once dry you notice there are some creases left, iron it inside out by setting the iron temperature to medium-low. Do not iron the garment directly, but instead, place a cotton cloth in between to protect the garment from heat, or better steam it holding the iron at a distance of about 15 cm.

Cuddle Cashmere

Where can you get Cuddle Cashmere from?

You can find it on our website under the Skeins section. We cannot wait to see your creations, so don’t forget to share them on Instagram and tag #bettaknit or #ilovebettaknit!