Crochet bottle holder: Free Pattern

Can a crochet bottle holder be useful? Yes, of course!

Never again without a bottle and never again without a crochet accessory!

Giulia, aka @Giulyandcrochet shared with us a free pattern to make a comfortable and eco-friendly crochet bottle holder.

Like many of you, Giulia learned to crochet during the 2020 pandemic, without having any experience at all.

She met Bettaknit through our Instagram channel and since then has become a real #bettaknitter, falling in love with our yarns, especially ecological and natural ones.

Crochet water bottle holder: never without it again!

Giulia besides being a passionate knitter and crocheter, is a sportswoman who loves the outdoors, and always carries her water bottle with her!

Why not create something useful about it?

What do you need to make your crochet bottle holder?

What crochet stitches will you use?

This is an easy level pattern and only basic crochet stitches will be used.

If you are not very familiar, and you are just a beginner, don’t give up, our Video Tutorials will help you!

  • Chain Stitch = Ch
  • Slip Stitch = SLST
  • Single Crochet = SC
  • Double Crochet = DC

Let’s get started: here’s how to make your own crochet bottle holder!

  • Make a magic ring and work 6 SC, then tighten the loop and close with a SLST in the first available SC

Remember to repeat this closing step on each round and start each new round with 1 Ch. This will replace the 1st SC!

  • Round 1: 2 SC in each SC of previous round (you will have 12 SC)
  • Round 2: 1 SC, then 2 SC in the same stitch; repeat across the round (1, 2, 1, 2, etc…)
  • Round 3: 1 SC, 1 SC then 2 SC in the same stitch; repeat across the round
  • Round 4: 1 SC three times, then 2 SC in the same stitch; repeat across the round

At this point, check the size of the circle with the base of your bottle and decide whether to make a another round.

  • If necessary work a last round with this pattern: 1 single SC 4 times, then 2 SC in the same stitch, to the end.

The base of your crochet bottle holder is done

The increases are over! Now you will need to work the sides, so you will work a round taking the stitch in the back loop.

  • Round 5: work in SC in the back loop
  • Round 6: work in SC

Now you will work in Double Crochet, so after closing the round, you will start each new round with 2 Ch to replace the 1st DC!

  • Round 7: Ch 2, work the 1st DC in the same stitch, then Ch 1, skip 1 stitch and 1 DC in the following stitch; repeat (1 DC, Ch 1, skip 1 stitch and 1 DC in the following stitch): you have some little arches
  • Round 8: work the 1st DC in the same stitch of the 2 starting 2 Ch, then continue with 1 DC in the arch, 1 DC in the double crochet of the previous round, to the end of round, join as before (you will always close the round in the same way)
  • Round 9: work in DC

Repeat Rounds from 7 to 9 a further twice and then only Round 7. You are at Round 16.

  • Round 17: work in SC (either in the DC and in the arch of the previous round)
  • Round 18: work in SCSS

Join with 1 SC in the 1st SLST.


You crochet bottle holder is almost ready!

Now you just have to create the shoulder strap, then

  • Ch a series of stitches until you have a strap of about 85 cm lenght
  • Join the last Ch to the other side of the bottle holder with 1 SLST and 1 SC in the same stitch, the work back across the Ch working in SLST
  • • Once worked all the cord, join with 1 SLST at the base in the same initial stitch and make a safety Ch to close the work
  • Cut and weave in the yarn

Your crochet bottle holder is finished, ready to wear!


All you have to do is take a picture of yourself and share it on Facebook or  Instagram with the hashtag #bettaknit! 😉