Let’s review the basic stitches!

Autumn is approaching and with it the knitting season!

The most experienced do not need any suggestions: they can immediately stock up on balls of yarn online with our sales!

If you are a beginner, however, here it is a review on basic stitches ready for you.

For each stitch you will find the link to our video tutorials to follow step by step: you can stop the video, review it, and then resume work again.

Are you in trouble and there is something that is not clear to you? Don’t be give up! Our customer service will also answer by phone (find the contacts here) to clarify any doubts.

Let’s start!

Garter Stitch: This is the most important of all knitting stitches. You work Garter Stitch by knitting each stitch on each row (both on the right side and on the wrong side rows). The result is a reversible “fabric”, very resistant and that does not pull at the edges.

Knit Stitch and Purl Stitch: These are two fundamental stitches, the basics for all other stitches.

Purl Stitch is sometimes regarded as the opposite of Knit Stitch. The appearance of the Knit and Purl stitches also confirms it: Purl Stitch is a raised circle, while Knit Stitch is a flat half-V.

Moss Stitch (Seed Stitch US term): When working Moss Stitch, you alternate between knit and purl stitches in each row. The trick to creating the little “bumps” is to knit in the purl stitches of the previous row and purl in the knit stitches of the previous row.
This stitch gets its name from the texture of the fabric: the small bumps of the purl stitches look like scattered grains of rice.

Once you have learned these stitches you are ready to face many knitting challenges!