How to knit the SKP Decrease (Slip, Knit, Pass)

There are various techniques for decreasing stitches in knitting, one of which is to work a Slip, Knit, Pass Decrease.

Sooner or later every knitter will bump into this technique, so you have to learn it well!

In knitting patterns, you may also see this decrease written as:

  • Slip 1, Knit 1, Pass slipped stitch over
  • sl1, k1, psso

The SKP Decrease is often used to give a decorative aspect to the decrease or in lace patterns (if combined with Yarn Over 😊).

It’s a left-leaning decrease and you just might find that it actually looks a lot like one of the basic decreases and it may be used in combination with the most common Right-Leaning Decrease (knit two stitches together) to produce symmetrical decreases on each side of your knitted project.

How to knit a SKP Decrease

It involves 2 stitches and decreases 1 stitch.

  • Step 1: Slip one stitch to the right needle

Work up to where the decrease is supposed to be (if you’re following a pattern, the pattern will tell you where the decrease goes!).

Accavallata Semplice Tutorial - Passo 1

Slip one stitch knit-wise by inserting your right needle into the next stitch as if you are going to knit it.

  • Step 2: Knit one stitch

Knit the following stitch.

Accavallata Semplice Tutorial - Passo 2

The first stitch on your right needle is the stitch just knitted, the second stitch is the stitch you slipped.

  • Step 3: Pass the slipped stitch over the knit stitch

Insert the left-needle tip into the slipped stitch (the second stitch on your right needle!).

Accavallata Semplice Tutorial - Passo 3

Pass the slipped stitch over the stitch you just knitted.

You’ve now completed a SKP Decrease and you have one less stitch on your needles.

It’s easy!

Accavallata Semplice Tutorial - Passo 4

Now, all you have to do is practice!

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