How to knit the Brioche Stitch

The Brioche Stitch has lately become very popular among knitters. It is very similar in thickness to the well-known Fisherman’s Rib Stitch.

It is also very stretchy and makes hand-knitted garments very comfortable to wear: this is why knitters find it perfect to work with chunkier yarns and to make accessories such as scarves and hats.


Watch this Video Tutorial and learn how to make it!

How to knit the Brioche Stitch

Cast on a multiple of 3 stitches + 2 selvedge stitches.

Set up Row:

1. Knit 1 stitch.

2. Yarn over (pull the yarn towards you as if to purl).

3. Slip 1 stitch purl-wise.

Repeat these 3 steps until the end of the row, then knit the last stitch.

Notice how you create a little cross with every knit stitch and yarn over stitch.

Row 1:

Knit the first selvedge stitch.

1. Knit 2 stitches together.

2. Yarn over.

3. Slip 1 stitch purl-wise.

Repeat steps 1, 2 e 3 until the end of the row.

At the end of the row, knit 2 stitches together and knit the last selvedge stitch.

Row 2:

On Row 2 you will repeat the same steps as on Row 1, but in a different order.

Knit the first selvedge stitch, then:

1. Yarn over.

2. Slip 1 stitch purl-wise.

3. Knit 2 stitches together.

Repeat steps 1, 2 e 3 until the end of the row. Knit the last selvedge stitch.

Continue repeating Rows 1 and 2 until you get as far as your project requires.

You will see how the stitches create a 3D ribbed effect. One of the main features of this stitch is that the right side and the wrong side of the work are identical. This makes it perfect to knit scarves, turtleneck sweaters and basically all those garments where the wrong side is showing.

For this tutorial, we used our Cool Wool in English Rose. It is 100% made in Italy (find out more about it here) and it’s just perfect to work with our 12 mm / US 17  Beechwood Knitting Needles.

If you’re looking for some inspiration…

We are such big fans of the Brioche Stitch. It’s very easy and fun to make, yet a classic when it comes to hand-knitted accessories, like our My College Hat: check out the complete knitting set to make this chunky hat here.

It’s just so soft! 😀 What would you make with this stitch?

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