How to knit Jacquard technique

Jacquard knitting technique enables you to create designs, in the knitted fabric, using two or more strands of different colors at a time. It is very common in weaving and industrial knitting, but the same effect can also be reproduced by hand knitting.

Jacquard Knitting technique 

This technique is used to create geometric designs that are repeated in multiple colors in a single row, on a Stocking Stitch background (you can find the video here!).

As you insert different colors, the design, represented in the diagram, is formed.


As you have seen, it is not difficult: you only need precision, patience, and lots of practice. The most important thing to watch out for is counting the stitches as you progress with the work.

How to knit Jacquard 

Let’s see the step-by-step tutorial:

  • Read the chart from right to left.
  • Knit up to where you need to change color.


  • Pick up the yarn of the new color and knit the indicated stitches, paying attention to hold both strands with the finger of your left hand.
  • Start to knit with the new color.


  • When you need to change color again, hold the color you are working with your fingers, pick up the first color again, leaving it slightly loose, and continue knitting the stitches according to the chart.


  • On the wrong side rows, read the chart from left to right.
  • Pick up the strand of the new color and purl the indicated stitches, up to where you will have to change color.


  • Purl normally with the new color strand.
  • You will see how the threads will remain twisted on the wrong side of the piece.


  • Continue working, changing colors as needed.

Some tips on how to knit Jacquard

As you have seen, it is not difficult! You just have to practice with a lot of patience and practice. Here are some tips for getting a good result when knitting jacquard:

  1. If you are not very expert in knitting, I suggest you start with small and geometric patterns, in two colors. Only afterward, you can move on to the more difficult ones.
  2. To keep your knit elastic and soft, do not pull too tightly the strands. Move them without knotting, and without cutting them.
  3. The basic rule to keep proper tension is to avoid knitting more than 4 or 5 stitches without changing colors. It will otherwise create very long and loose floats that you could get your fingers caught and cause the fabric to pucker!


Now you just have to look for the pattern you like and practice this technique!

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