Crochet Tutorial: Tulip Stitch

The crochet Tulip Stitch is a very nice stitch, easy to make. It is also known as the “Diagonal Box Stitch”, because in fact it creates double crochet boxes that take opposite directions.

It is a reversible crochet stitch with a compact texture, which makes it particularly suitable for blankets, shawls or bags. And why not, for a garment, such as a top or cardigan.

punto tulipano a uncinetto

For the above swatch, we’ve used:


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Read on: you can find step-by-step tutorial of this crochet stitch

How to crochet Tulip Stitch 

The pattern for this crochet stitch is made by always repeating the same row. Let’s see together how to work this crochet stitch!

Cast on a multiple of 3 + 2 chains.

Foundation Row:

  •  1 sc. in each chain. Turn work.

Row 1:

  • Ch. 3 (they replace the 1st dc.), *(1 sc., ch. 2, 3 dc.) in the following sc., skip 2 dc.*, repeat from * to * until the end of the row, then 1 dc. in in the last sc. Turn work. 

Row 2:

  • Ch. 3 (they replace the 1st dc.), *skip 3 dc., (1 sc., ch. 2, 3 dc.) in the 2 ch. following space*, repeat from * to * until the end of the row, then 1 dc. in the 1st dc. of the previous row. Turn work. 

Continue repeating Row 2 until you reach the desired length.  


Note: be careful to keep an even tension throughout your work to make it as neat as possible.  

Tulip Stitch Chart


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