Crochet Stitch Pattern: Alpine Stitch Tutorial

The Alpine Stitch is another classic crochet stitch you need to know: choose the right yarn and it will keep you warm through the coldest months with its tiny little pine trees! 🌲

The Alpine Stitch is worked with the crochet hook and it recreates many little pine trees alternating on the surface. It's very textured and strong and is highly insulating when worked with the right yarn. This stitch is perfect for accessories and home-decor pieces.

To get the swatch you see in the picture above, we used:

To make this fancy stitch, you will need to know how to work in Double Crochet and Front Post Treble Crochet . If you’re at the beginning of your crochet journey, you can visit our YouTube Channel and get started with so many useful tutorials on basic crochet stitches and techniques! 😉

Notes about this stitch:

Turning chains count as 1st stitch of the row, so always skip the very first stitch of each row and work into the next one. Also, from Row 4 on, make sure you are Double Crocheting in the stitch next to the Front Post Treble Crochet, not in the stitch behind the Front Post Treble Crochet.


Now we can begin!

How to crochet the Alpine Stitch

ch. = chain

st. = stitch

sc. = single crochet

dc. = double crochet

trc. = treble crochet


Chain any even number of stitches.

Row 1:
  • Ch. 1, skip the 1st ch. from the hook, sc. into every ch., turn.
Row 2:
  • Ch. 3, dc. into the next st. and into each st. of the previous row, turn.
Row 3, 5 e 7:
  • Ch. 1, sc. into each st., turn.
Row 4:
  • Ch. 3, *1 Front Post trc. around the next stitch (2 rows below), 1 dc. into the next stitch*.
  • Repeat from * to * until 2 sts. are left. End with 2 dc., turn.
Row 6:
  • Ch. 3, *1 dc. into the next stitch, 1 Front Post trc. around the next stitch (2 rows below)*.
  • Repeat from * to * until 1 st. is left. End with 1 dc., turn.

Continue repeating from Row 4 to Row 7.


To make a Front or Back Post Treble Crochet, instead of inserting the hook through the 2 loops of the stitch below, you will need to insert it through the gaps between the posts of the Double Crochet stitches worked 2 rows below.

For the Front Post Treble Crochet:

  • Yarn over twice as if to start working in Treble Crochet.
  • Insert the hook from front to back through the gap that is on the right side of the post 2 rows below.
  • Moving from back to front, come out through the gap that is on the left side of the post 2 rows below.
  • Yarn over again and make a Treble Crochet stitch as you normally would.

Alpine Stitch Chart

Alpine Stitch Chart - intermediate level stitch with a beautiful texture.

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This is a great stitch to make everyday bags and pouches, as well as blankets and pillowcases for your home decor. What are you crocheting next? Let us know which project you’re planning to make using the Alpine Stitch and share your creations on Instagram using the hashtag #bettaknit!

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