Universal love in a Knit Kit!

Is it possible to send love messages with a pull?

Yes, it’s possible! With the new knit kit FOREVER LOVE Pull celebrating universal love!

In this period, after so many months of uncertainty and fears related to the pandemic and beyond, we all need messages of hope and love.

To celebrate this Valentine’s Day 2021, we wanted a strong and clear message to wear and exhibit, to receive and send positive energy, without distinction of gender, without distances, that was truly universal love, in all its forms!

So here it is, a rainbow heart to be made with our very soft and Italian fine wool, Woolpaca!

A simple knit kit with a guaranteed effect!

Just looking at it don’t you feel happier already? 🙂

Yes, because colors tell many things, they influence our moods with their energy and are a source of inspiration.

Do you know their meanings? Let’s find out together!

  • Blue: it means balance, it is calm, emotional stability
  • Indigo (Azure): harmony in all its forms, loyalty, and trust
  • Green: it’s the symbol of hope par excellence, but also perseverance and greatness of soul
  • Yellow: energy, light, heat… can you feel the sun’s rays heating up? 🙂
  • Orange: the color of creativity, vitality but also fertility. Vitamin for the soul and body!
  • Lilac: it is a no-gender color that expresses sensuality without distinction. And we love it!
  • Purple: a color that relieves anxieties, calms, and brings back optimism

Is your love message ready?

Start now knitting the universal love kit!

If you like the love message of this kit, and if you like to make it, share your knits on Instagram, we will be happy 😉