Nodo & Bettaknit: story of a collaboration at first sight!

We are happy! Yes, we are really very happy with the result! The two workshops of last Sunday at FuoriExpo in Milan led to two important collaborations.
The co-branding Nodo & BettaKnit is one of them! In the next few days we’ll introduce the other one!


  • How did we met Nodo-Knotted Things?

Simply scrolling the Instragram feed, when you are looking for some inspiration, and your attention is immediately captured from the fresh, contemporary, definitely international of this brand.


It was love at first sight! How not to be impressed by the name and design of this brand?

NODO“: even the name is essential and meaningful. From knitting or crocheting, some nodes are created, that arranged in one way rather than another can create insignificant objects rather than marvels to wear, as in this case.

How did the idea of this collaboration rise?
Sara Bellinato, the founder of Nodo, got in touch with us, looking for a new provider of yarn for its line of accessories.

The sync between us has been amazing, working both of us for the same gooal and with the same philosophy: to create with hands something special, that talks about us, made with passion and attention to detail.

Nodo and BettaKnit love indeed the tradition of women’s work, handed down from the past, but with a modern, contemporary interpretation, where doing with hands is not only a need, but a small luxury that makes you unique, as well as the garments you wear.

Too often and unknowingly we are victims of fast fashion and mass production. The idea is to oppose the massive production that makes us slaves of quantity over quality and uniqueness.

  • How many products are there in the collection?

It is a small collection, a sort of “capsules” of a few pieces: a couple of bags and a necklace, all made with our exclusive Fettuccine Yarn.

Objects that are easy to knit, according to our idea that modern knitting must be for all, and they are available either in diy knit kit or as a ready to wear, handmade by BettaKnit knitters.

  • And what are they?

SUMMER BAG: it is bound to be the best seller of the summer! Born as a bag for shopping at the market, it is a practical bag, that will be with you even in trips to the beach as well as in the afternoon shopping spree in the city!



KNOT CLUTCH:  it is a hand bag, a clutch that can make sparkling all your look. It has the perfect size to hold all your essential items: purse, phone and keys. The lock with a leather strap, as well as being practical and functional, it will secure your secrets adding a touch of glamour.



MILAN NECKLACEit is amazingly versatile, whether you wearing it with a t-shirt, or more stylish with a dress. In any case, it is an accessory that everyone will envy you and will make you notice!


  • Where can you buy them?

Currently on store. Soon on Nodo online store too and in independent, selected shops.