New Colab: Melidé for Bettaknit!

New motiviations, new ideas, new collaborations! “Melidé for BettaKnit“, a mini collection of T-Shirts of very high quality, in 100% sustainable cotton, embroidered by hand in Italy, unique!

Who is Melidé?

Melidé” (here their site) is a brand that has as its focus the t-shirt of high quality, hand-embroidered with original graphics.

Melidé souls are Alessandra Delbono and Ilaria Meli. The idea was born a bit by chance… Alessandra, wanted to embroider her son Teo’s rompers, with original drawings, so she asked Ilaria to produce some original designs.

From rompers, she started to embroider t-shirts. Then gave them to her friends, leaving them all enthusiastic. The surprise and pleasure with which people, around Alessandra and Ilaria, welcomed these first productions, made them understand their passion for fashion and handmade could have become a real profession!


How did this Melidé for Bettaknit colab?

Made in Italy, high quality, hand made, sustainability, are concepts of which BettaKnit is very proud, so we could not remain indifferent to the charm of this young brand, that makes exceptional products, with great attention to detail!


Malidé has designed and embroidered by hand for us two exclusive designs, for true knitting addicted! Look at #ilovebettaknit T-Shirt and Super Bettaknitter T-Shirt!

Graphics for Melidé is a key aspect. It is unusual, funny, trendy, but not discounted, here’s what they tell us about:

Where do you draw inspiration for your designs?

To design and implement the graphics, part of our team studies the trends by viewing the collections presented during the fashion weeks or on social media. Also we collect inputs and ideas from the customer itself (eg by means of contests).

Then there’s a team brainstorm to evaluate together all the  proposals and decide which one carrying out, including proportions and colors. At this point Ilaria realizes the new graphics . They are then embroidered on the shirt in order to evaluate the final result. If we like them, and “they work,” we are sure that also our customers will appreciate!

Embroidery is very old art. While your t-shirt are very contemporary. Is this a contradiction?

Yes, it is a contradiction, and we love it! At the same time, it is yet another confirmation that in fashion, everything is possible: the important thing is to make beautiful things, unique, with attention to detail and made with love.

ricamo a mano_melidé

Rediscover the traditions is one of the new trends. What do you think?

Our generation is quite saturated with “fast fashion”. Creating a product with a traditional craftsmanship is paradoxically a new proposal, to rediscover the pleasure of slowness, of choosing a product, having someone make it for you, waiting for it and caring for it.

Can you Knit or Crochet?

We can knit, for crochet we look forward to your tutorial! 😉

What do you like or what you don’t in BettaKnit?

We love everything about BettaKnit, except when tests us with the difficult kit! The yarns and colors are your strenght.

Who will be Melidé in 10 years?

In 10 years, Melidé will be a brand that offers a wide range of products, always made with sustainable and organic raw materials, with a broad and growing team, close-knit and unstoppable!