Guest Post – Crochet Rug

tappeto all'uncinetto con fettuccia

Hi everyone!! This is Alessandra, from Almalu’s Place and it’s a great pleasure for me being here on BettaKnit blog as a guest blogger!

On my blog (and on my Instagram and Facebook) I share bits and pieces of my and my son’s everyday life, our big and little adventures and I talk about maternity, DIYs, food, travels and more…

Now you’re probably wondering what I am doing here… Well, I am a crazy crocheter (I even have two crochet hooks tattoed on my forearm!!) and I love to crochet to relax and create unique and original pieces that I use to decorate our home!

I also have a love of kids design: decorating my son’s nursery was one of the funniest thing I did during my pregnancy, collecting design, vintage and contemporary pieces I found online and offline in little shops and flea markets or that I made myself!

One of them is the crochet rug I am showing you today! 

tappeto all'uncinetto con fettucciatappeto all'uncinetto con fettuccia

How did I come up with the idea of making a crochet rug?

I am an avid pinner (you already know Pinterest, don’t you?!) and while designing my son Giovanni’s nursery I often came across these gorgeous, colorful and soft rugs. They are so impactful and one of them is enough to give a strong image to any room. So I wished to add one to his little room but was not able to find the one I envisioned and simply surrendered to not owning one. But I kept on pinning and pinning…

Then one day I decided to make one myself exactly the way I wanted it! But once the decision was made I had no idea of the material I should use: rope, cotton rope, old t-shirts?! While browsing the internet in search of inspiration I found BettaKnit and… there it was!

I used the Fettuccine Yarn made of 100% cotton, perfect for my project, because it’s easy to work with, soft and comes in so many different shades.

I chose pearl, so that my crochet rug would be more versatile.

It’s true, I first envisioned it in the nursery, but no one says I cannot move it somewhere else one day. Maybe in my bedroom, together with other colorful, Moroccan and bohemian rugs, so to mix different textures, materials and colors; or as a bedcover contrasting a plain color duvet or blanket.

Also, can you see it in a living room, on a dark parquet, under a Charles Eames rocking chair?! That would make such an interesting mix of colors and styles.

Now, what do we need for this project?

  • 7 balls of “Fettuccine Yarn“, in Pearl
  • 15 mm crochet hook, you can find it here!
  • scissors
  • marker
  • wool and embroidery needles

tappeto all'uncinetto con fettucciatappeto all'uncinetto con fettuccia

Which stitches did I use?

And here is the list of stitches I used – you can find video tutorials on BettaKnit  Youtube channel:

Where can you find the pattern?

You can find the printable pattern here, download it and print it! that you won’t need to write it down!

tappeto all'uncinetto con fettucciatappeto all'uncinetto con fettuccia

Once done, share it with no shame on FacebookInstagram and Twitter using the hashtags #almalusplace #bettaknit  #ilovebettaknit!