All good things often happen by chance…. so, by chance, the project “Giuliano & Giusy Marelli for Bettaknit” started.

We met Giuliano and Giusy in their atelier in Milan. It was a beautiful meeting, overflowing of creativity, positive, surrounded by what both we of BettaKnit and they Atelier Marelli love the most.


foto credits: The Familiarist

Giuliano and Giusy showed us their archive, full of models and extraordinary designs. Everything tells of their great experience, their knowledge, collaborations with the biggest brand of Italian fashion.

When you meet Messrs Marelli immediately affects their kindness and helpfulness. 

But then you think to their passion and their work, to their deep knowledge of knitting stitches and you can not help but feel excited and grateful for having had the privilege of meeting them.

Although taken by emotion, those drawings immediately inspired us great things…

But how could we ask them, who are the history of knitting in Italy and beyond, to think about a project together and to knit our yarns?


And in a moment, one of our most beautiful projects is born: the Sampler Pull! 

Marelli per Bettaknit

But what we said? Here a short interview to Giuliano Marelli

  • You’ve worked with some great and important fashion brands and yarn producers, what caught your eyes of BettaKnit?

After our forty years of experience in the industry, with thousands of yarns and patterns created for major manufacturers, BettaKnit impressed us with the new formula with which it brought its brand, ally of a target certainly emerging, that gives a new life and creativity to the knitting world.

  • What are you thinking when you create?

Create starting from the charm of a yarn, a ball, a color shade and immediately give them life with a particular stitch or design, it gives us an extraordinary satisfying.

  • What is your soundtrack when you knit and “create”?

Our background soundtrack for every hour of the day is classical music especially symphonic music, chamber.

Even BettaKnit loves symphonic music, and here we selected the three best-loved songs by our staff!

  • We know you teach to young people, how do you see the future of handmade knitwear?

Since October we began teaching at Politecnico di Milano in the degree course in “Knitwear Design” with as many as 47 young hopefuls. they are capable, picky, keen to learn the basic techniques, they start with the castingon the stitches, and… gradually, during the first semester, they arrive at examination in January with models designed and made entirely by them.

The future of handamde knitwear has a new development with very different reasons from those we knew! Certainly, new generations love creative work, easy, fast, with a keen eye for fashion trends, really without borders!

  • A tip for new aspiring “knitters” and “crocheters”?

To new aspiring “knitters” and “crocheters” , we recommend love and passion for an art that comes from far away and that today should be continued with the creative ferment that the new communication devices suggest .

Thank you, Giuliano and Giusy, you are great!