Espadrilles: better if crocheted!

There are no doubts: Espadrilles are the must-have for summer fashion 2015. If you have browsed a magazine at random in recent months, you’ll know for sure. Now there are all kinds:

  • espadrilles / sandals
  • peep-toe espadrilles
  • espadrilles with laces
  • espadrilles / sneaker
  • espadrilles creepers style (with double sole)

We have focused on crocheted espadrilles completely handmade.

Espadrilles, 80s and Polaroid

We like those. The Spainish. The original. Those that, it is almost certain, would end up in the old 80s’ Polaroid. Perhaps, with great courage, poking at the bottom wardrobe, we can still find a few original 80’s. Maybe dusty and worn. Cotton, jute and natural rubber sole. Nothing more.


Faithful mates of beach holidays. Perhaps we never thought to meet them again. Flavor of salt and in the background the notes of Vamos a la Playa by Righeira (or for the more international readers, Face to face heart to heart by Twins).

If you are with your eyes closed, immersed in memories, and you feel espadrilles feet, a Polaroid in hand and Righeira that by now are screaming in your ears, read on. The trip in BettaKnit crocheted espadrilles is just beginning …

Pima Cotton, creativity e Vendetta Uncinetta

Abandon the flashback! Let’s go to today. The base, we have it: a product of first choice full of memories and with a glorious past. But the basic ingredients are missing.

Let’s face it, espadrilles, are comfortable, but they lack creativity. A touch of color and fancy are needed. The solution is obvious: Pima Cotton and Vendetta UncinettaThe absolute quality of the Peruvian yarn, the brilliance and variety of colors are the right inspiration for Gaia Segattini‘s undisputed creative force  … yes that’s her real name.

The crocheted fruits born from the union of these two ingredients are fantastic: pineapple, watermelon and banana. It takes shape the capsule collection Tutti Frutti which we have already talked about here!


In summer the fruit is healthy

Yes, they repeat it all the time! And we are convinced that even wear it has beneficial effects. Look down: with Tutti Frutti espadrilles at your feet, the good mood is guaranteed. For days we have been doing only this! Tensioni a casa? Occhiata alle espadrillas. Is it Monday? Look at espadrilles. Problems at work? Look at espadrilles.

If the journey in the 80s made you have tears in eyes. If the union Pima Cotton and Vendetta Uncinetta intrigued you. If you like the idea of escaping from problems looking at you feet … the advice is to take a leap to see the magical espadrilles Tutti Frutti on our site!