Italian Yarns: fine, high-quality yarns

If we say Italian Yarns, you think of… Fine, high-quality yarns!

Made in Italy means experience, quality, design, tradition, beauty, but also production and manufacturing with high standards of respect for the man and the environment.

This is the world where Bettaknit Italian Yarns are born, a selection of fine and luxury yarns, some produced exclusively for us.

Fine Italian Yarns

The textile tradition in Italy is one of the oldest in the world. Over 100 years of history and experience, with knowledge handed down from one generation to another, thanks to which our country can export excellent textile and fashion products all over the world.

And it is precisely among these excellences that Bettaknit selects the Italian yarns we offer you.

  • Organic Yarns: wool from Italian farms certified organic, where flocks graze freely.

lana biologica bettaknit

  • Luxury yarns: luxurious fibers spun and treated in Italy in compliance with the highest quality standards.

  • Precious Yarns: natural fibers, not subjected to dyes, which maintain the natural color of the animal’s fleece. One of these is our Camel: 100% camel hair from the under fleece of Bactrian breed camels. The breeders do not shear the animals, but they collect the fleece when the animal loses it naturally.

  • Recycled Yarns: yarns obtained from the recycling of cotton waste or from denim garments (remember? we talked about it here) or from the recycling of old cashmere garments, such as Re-Cashmere, a regenerated cashmere yarn, combined with pure virgin wool (curious to know how it was born? Read this post!).

  • Vegan Yarns: 100% natural yarns, which do not contain animal fibers, perfect for nature lovers! One of our best-sellers is Juta, whose cultivation has a very low environmental impact (as we explain here). Among our vegan yarns, a very popular yarn is Soy Cotton, an innovative yarn, produced from a dietary fiber, soy fiber, combined with certified organic cotton (want to know more? Read this post!).

But there is something new! From this year, our bestseller, Cool Wool will also be produced in Italy!

Known as Peruvian wool because it is produced in the Andes of Peru, Cool Wool is now entirely Made in Italy, with exclusive BK colors and even higher quality!

Cool Wool Made in Italy: even cooler!

A year of testing between spinning and color proofing, of knitted samples to verify softness and tension … but we did it: the Cool Wool Made in Italy is here!

100% wool in 200 gr skeins: softness, bright colors, and a “chunky” look that makes everything look cooler! … and it’s perfect for beginners!

Cool Wool and all the other fine Italian yarns are waiting for you in our store.

Because life is too short to wear (knit) bad yarn!