Eco-friendly yarns: the health of our planet!

Now we hear it repeated everywhere: we must save our planet. But what do we really do to contribute?

We at Bettaknit’s have been working for several years for sustainable fashion: we offer more and more yarns made from the recycling of waste materials from the fashion world, or from natural fibers, or those yarns that we call “Bettaknit’s friends”, yes those yarn friends of nature!

Eco-friendly yarns!

What are the friend-of-nature yarns and our allies in protecting the world in which we live?

We present them all here:

Love My Jeans (find it here)

Beloved for years (Do you remember? We had already talked about it in this old post!) and present in our collection of yarns since 2013, Love My Jeans is a yarn obtained from the recycling of used and new jeans which, if not recovered, would be destroyed, becoming a waste to be disposed of. It is a very soft yarn, easy to knit and crochet.

You can choose from 19 beautiful vintage-looking colors, or rather slightly melange colors typical of the recovery of the fibers of the denim fabric from which they derive. It is a Made in Italy yarn!

Soy Cotton (you find it here)

It is the newcomer to the Bettaknit yarn family and is super-ecological and vegan because it is made up of 50% soybean fiber and 50% organic cotton. In fact, soybean fiber is a by-product of soybean processing for the food industry. Food processing residues (peels and pods) find new life by transforming themselves, first into fiber (and then into yarn) and then in fabric.

Soy Cotton is extremely soft and shiny, pleasant to the touch, so much so that it is sometimes described as “vegetable cashmere”, and is Made in Italy. You can choose from 15 bright colors and it has many features that make it truly unique, and also suitable for children’s projects:

  1. Resistant
  2. Breathable
  3. Antibacterial
  4. Able to block UV radiation

In addition to being recyclable, biodegradable, and therefore vegan! 😉

Prato Cotton (you find it here)

A 100% recycled cotton: it is produced from the recycling of waste deriving from other textile processes (we talked about it here!), and it is produced in Italy, where we know a lot about the reuse of industrial waste, thanks to our textile districts!

Prato Cotton is 100% cotton, is much loved and suitable for many projects, both for knitting and crocheting, and is offered in 26 colors!

Juta (you find it here)

Jute could not be missing, the golden fiber, so-called both for its golden reflections and for its importance in our eco-system.

Jute is a vegetable fiber obtained from the stem of Corchorus plants. It is particularly present in the warm and humid climate regions typical of Southeast Asia. Its cultivation has a very low environmental impact since it does not require fertilizers!

It is the most important vegetable textile fiber after cotton, it is very resistant and is particularly suitable for crochet projects, such as bags, baskets, or home decor.

You loved it very much and in fact, it has almost run out! But don’t worry, if it isn’t available, you can in any case book it here.

You too can contribute to a better and healthier planet 🌏! Choose to buy ecological yarns for a slow and sustainable fashion 😍