Be Kind Philosophy

BK also stands for Be Kind, a philosophy that sums up our sensitivity, solidarity and humanity.

Like the desire to live in a better world, BK is the expression of a new way of feeling and imagining relations. We are all part of an interconnected world, linked one to another, equal and different, in a circuit of emotions and sentiment. It is a positive philosophy that we can bring to all our everyday activities.

How? BK launches three messages:

1. Save the planet!
We can do it by using yarns made from regenerated wool with zero CO2 impact, high quality, ecological yarns that are made from used material to create a modern new yarns through a clean production process that is guaranteed pollution-free

2. Help the poorer countries of the world!
The Bettaknit working bags, the new kit packages in cotton gauze, and every precious objects made by hand are produced by the Santa Teresa missionary group of Prato, that donates its earnings for cooperation with BK to the Santa Gemma Galgani mission in Dodoma, Tanzania

3. Give someone a reason to smile again!
Our wonderful “grandmas” have a new reason to smile and enjoy themselves, cooperating with us and working together on knitting projects, because their able hands will prepare our collection ready to wear, absolutely hand knitted and made to measure just for you.